August 5, 2019

I meditated every day for a year

I’ve never been a spiritual person. But you know what they say. Even atheists start to pray when the plane is falling.

At some point (probably some pretty damn low point) I googled things to help my anxiety and found a cool looking app. Safe looking. Not some woo woo shit. So yeah, Headspace became my gateway drug because it focuses on the scientific as well as the spiritual aspects of meditation.

Andy, the voice behind all guided meditations, seemed to be a person just like me. Except he’s bald and a man. His voice makes me feel like everything is okay. Thank you, Andy.

Long story short, meditating for 365 days changed my life in many ways. First and foremost, I now get to brag about how focused, determined and enlightened I am. There’s a badge to back it up too.

I learnt some meaningful things though.

Here’s what I learnt from sitting down face to face with my mind for 365 days in a row.

I meditated everywhere.
  • If you’re competitive, keeping your streak going might become an obsession. A good kind of obsession. Wait, doesn’t meditation teach us that any obsession is bad? Shit.
  • Doing it every day is fucking hard. It’s almost as hard as working out every day. Humans are lazy.
  • I learnt that I’ll go to great lengths to get what I want. I cheated. Twice actually.
This was a lie. I simply forgot. But damn, when you’re 304 days in, you’ll kill for that badge. Wait, doesn’t meditation teach us to be calm and content? Shit.
  • After about 2 months meditation became a habit, like brushing your teeth. Don’t tell me you’ve never forgotten to brush your teeth. Don’t judge me.
  • There’s a reason why they say “monkey mind”. Control is an illusion and trying to control your monkey mind leads to a more unruly mind. You have to be smart about it.
  • Mind can be trained. It takes effort. It works. It’s worth it.
  • My anxiety didn’t go anywhere but I’ve gotten better at managing it, much better.
  • I feel empowered. I know I can uncover things and I can slowly and carefully work through them.
  • Your mind will get obsessed with good things. It will get obsessed with bad things. Neither feels great if you’re completely honest with yourself. Being peacefully content is the goal. Sounds like bullshit but once you experience it even for a second, you know.
  • Most of the time meditation sucks. Guess it’s kind of the point. Again, think of it as a workout.
  • But sometimes you manage to let go of control and it reminds you why you’re doing this. You get in flow and it feels right.
  • Meditation helped me open up to other mental health tools. You know, like therapy. Or shrooms. Mostly shrooms.
  • One of the benefits is that I get to write posts like this.

You don’t need an app to meditate. Headspace is awesome though.

I had a chance to visit their office in Los Angeles.

Here's me at Headspace HQ.

They didn’t let me take pics inside. Their office is sick and their team is awesome. I felt like the biggest fan girl. Wish I could tell you more but they made me sign an NDA. They’re up to some cool stuff. Companies like this give me hope.

Seriously though, meditation is awesome and you should try it.

I’m continuing my journey with Headspace, on Day 4 streak now. Didn’t email support this time. Growing. 🤙


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